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Welcome to Grey-Ruso Construction, your trusted paving contractors for all high-quality pavement projects of all sizes. Based in Queens, NY, we proudly serve all of the five boroughs and northern New Jersey and all of Long Island with comprehensive commercial construction, industrial paving and commercial asphalt paving as well as concrete projects. Explore our website to learn more about our team and our services and give us a call to get started today. Learn more about Grey Ruso.


commercial construction onsite demolition

From small businesses to large shopping centers, and from schools to apartment complexes, our team at Grey-Ruso Construction has commercial paving options for you. Our paving projects are planned and executed in stages so you can stay open for business while we work.

We work closely with you to develop a layout and plan for completing your paving project on your schedule. From the planning stage to the final walk-through and evaluation, our team will work with you throughout the entire process. Call us today for a free estimate on your asphalt paving project to get the job done right and within your budget. Learn more about our commercial construction services.


All of our commercial asphalt paving projects consist of two deeply managed and thorough services; preparation and installation. Our asphalt paving preparation services includes grading the all areas and/or removing existing pavement, and installing a base layer of gravel before installation. Installation services involves laying down layer(s) of asphalt material. The asphalt materials are typically composed of a combination of aggregate (stone, sand, and gravel) and asphalt binders. All of our commercial asphalt jobs are well supervised and managed by our expert staff who are fully licensed and insured to handle any size commercial asphalt job. Asphalt paving services

building parking lot asphalt paving installation
sidewalk street asphalt paving new york city building

Whether you're looking to pave your residential or commercial space, the quality of the job is going to make an impact on the value of your property. At Grey-Ruso Construction, our asphalt paving technicians use precision in every aspect of the project to assure you the quality and craftsmanship that you want. All of our staff is licensed, bonded, and insured so you can rest easy when our team is on the job. The next time you need asphalt repairs due to a crack in your driveway or sidewalk or you're ready to fix the potholes in your parking lot, you can count on our reliability and service. 

Experienced. Effective. Efficient.
Asphalt Paving Contractor Specialists

As a licensed NYC Construction Superintendent I deal with many companies in the construction trades. This company by far has excellent service and punctual. I did not have to do anything except shake Mr.Ruso's hand and he delivered on his promises and produced an excellent product. I would not use any other paving company except Grey Ruso.

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