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Asphalt Paving
Contractors Serving
Queens, New York

Our commercial asphalt paving services span a wide range of towns and inner cities throughout the five boroughs of New york City and is focused heavily in all of the major inner cities and towns within Queens, NY.  Although our main office is located just north of Flushing, Queens and west of upper Manhattan, NYC, our coverage includes all major Queens locations from Astoria to Bayside and from Jamaica to Howard Beach.

Parking Lots, Airports, Shopping Malls, Townhomes & Commercial Properties

We serve all types of businesses and commercial properties that are in the need of expert consultation, delivery and installation of asphalt pavements for private and public streets, parking lots, airports, shopping malls, townhomes, municipalities and commercial properties and do all of the work on-site with highly talented, insured & licensed paving professionals.

Installation, Violations, Repairs, Upgrades, Maintenance Services Required?

Did you get hit with a pavement city violation from NYC or perhaps the weather or other factors have you considering new pavement options, costs and advise. It is not uncommon that factors like the weather and excessive traffic in New york may create, overtime pavement issues. Or, does your community have an approved budget for a pavement upgrade? We understand and can help you in all instances. Our experts will help advise the best way to approach your pavement project from start to finish - by setting proper plans, budgets,  and action in place.

Asphalt paving in queens typically involves digging or excavation of the existing street or piece of land which may involve other construction work, grading and compacting the subgrade, and then installing a new layer(s) of asphalt over the base. After the asphalt is installed, it needs to be leveled, compacted and finished. Depending on the size of the street or piece of land, this process can take from one day to several days or weeks to complete. 

parkig lots
parking lot asphalt blacktop
street blacktop commercial

Parking Lots

Streets & Lots

Parking lot paving and repairs for office buildings, banks, shopping malls and other business services with proper guidelines for stripes. They are usually located close to buildings, businesses, or other areas that require access to vehicles. 

Private and public Queens streets may also be home to office buildings, banks, and other business services locations. 

street blacktop asphalt pavement
parking lot blacktop asphalt

Townhomes, Condominiums & Private Properties

Shopping Malls & Lots

We can be a great resource for management companies seeking to find credible, professional and highly caring paving contractors for private homes for their communities. 

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